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What Really Happened to Gene Colan?

Colan kept maintained spirits high despite dire circumstances.
If you've followed my blog, you know how I felt about my pals Dave Cockrum & Gene Colan. What you probably don't know is what went on behind the scenes of their struggles with Marvel. Perhaps you read between the lines. Maybe you missed the episodes entirely and content collecting their comics and art. Fair enough.

But if you're interested in their real stories--and some of the other sordid happenstances in the world of four-color funnies--you might want to check out this video.

Cockrum was cheated but never complained.
Aardwolf Publishing has launched it's first Kickstarter project around my book ComicBook Babylon. With an introduction by Stan Lee and art by Michael Netzer, it's little wonder why the project funded in less than two days. But the Kickstarter is just the beginning. The book will be the real event. Come meet the real Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Joe Kubert, Walter Simonson, Bob Layton, Herb Trimpe and many other key creators of the comic book universe. Come read Harlan Ellison answer tough questions for tough Jews. Have a look at what I consider my most exciting project in more than a decade. Click here to take that journey.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Signed Gene Colan items, Gene's File Copies, etc.

We're just starting to list items again, this time giving Ebay a try. Please have a look.

Many items will be offered over the next few days and weeks, including items signed by Gene, Stan Lee, Joe Kubert, Herb Trimpe, Joe Sinnott and others... File copies from Gene and Dave Cockrum... other items of interest. If you have a blog or Facebook where comics folk gather, please be kind enough to share the link.

Friday, June 1, 2012

SIDEKICK Spring Fundraiser Features Gene Colan & Dave Cockrum Art & Signed Items

More original Gene Colan art just added (5pm June 6) -- Prices and bids will be updated tonight ... Bid now!

The SIDEKICK Foundation was founded seven months ago to aid comics creators in need. Funds from items sold will be used to assist writer Don McGregor with medical bills. Monies collected will also continue funding both the Gene Colan Scholarship and the Dave and Paty Cockrum Scholarship, which are awarded annually to students at the Joe Kubert School for Comic Art.

To bid, email the item number and description as well as your bid to High bids will be updated frequently and winners will be notified. We reserve the right to end bidding on any item if we feel it's value has been reached.

Check back frequently for newly listed items--art, signed comics, CGC-certified file copies, etc.

Item #001  BAMF! THE UNSEEN ART OF DAVE COCKRUM (NM) - Aardwolf Publishing - min. bid $5

Item #002  Guardians of the Galaxy #1 signed by Gene Colan (a VG copy) - sold to WFM

Item #003  Black Panther – Panther’s Prey (TPB) signed by Don McGregor - current bid $25 (EZ)

Item #004  The X-Men Chronicles (Dave Cockrum File copy; sealed by The DAVE COCKRUM ESTATE) NM - min. bid $10 (HM)

Item #005  X-Men #145 unstapled proof (Dave Cockrum File copy; sealed by The DAVE COCKRUM ESTATE) - current bid $10

Item #006  X-Men #150 – artist’s proof (stamped by Marvel) (Dave Cockrum File copy; sealed by The DAVE COCKRUM ESTATE) NM - min. bid $20

Item #007  X-Men #155 – artist’s proof (stamped by Marvel) (Dave Cockrum File copy; sealed by The DAVE COCKRUM ESTATE) VF - min. bid $20

Item #008  Special Edition X-Men #1 (reprints G.S. X-Men #1 with new cover by Dave Cockrum; short print) (Dave Cockrum File copy; sealed by The DAVE COCKRUM ESTATE) VF - min. bid $20

Trade Paperbacks signed by Gene Colan

Item #009  Capt. Marvel Jr. #26 (Fawcett, 1945) (Dave Cockrum file copy; sealed by The DAVE COCKRUM ESTATE) GD+ - current bid $42 (EZ)

Item #012 Essential Daredevil TPB - signed by Gene Colan - current bid $40 (rapp)

Item #013 Essential Captain Marvel TPB - signed by Gene Colan - min. bid $20  

Item #014 Essential Captain America TPB - signed by Gene Colan - current bid $40 (rapp)

Item #014-B Essential Iron Man TPB - signed by Gene Colan -  current bid $40 (rapp)

Item #023  Marvel Masterworks (hardcover) The Avengers 59-68 - with original pen sketch of Black Panther's head by Gene Colan on inside first page - current bid $100 (EZ)

Item #024  Marvel Masterworks (hardcover) Sub-Mariner (collects Tales to Astonish 88-101, Iron Man and Sub-Mariner 1, and Iron Man #1) - with original pen sketch of Sub-Mariner's head by Gene Colan on inside first page - min. bid $80

Item #025  Marvel Masterworks (hardcover) Iron Man (collects Tales of Suspense 66-83) - with original silver-marker sketch of Iron Man's head by Gene Colan on inside front cover - min. bid $85

Item #026  Marvel Masterworks (hardcover) Dr. Strange (collects Dr. Strange 180-183 as well as Marvel Feature and Marvel Premiere stories) - with original pen sketch of Dr. Strange's head and cape by Gene Colan on inside front page - current bid $110 (WFM)

Item #027  Marvel Masterworks (hardcover) Captain Marvel - with original pen sketch of Capt. Marvel's head by Gene Colan on inside front page - min. bid $80

Item #028  STRANGE WONDERS: A Collection of Rare Fritz Leiber Stories - Advance Uncorrected Proof (Mint) - current bid $12 kiddy (see photo of item below)

Item #037 DIE GRUFT VON DRACULA (German limited edition hardcover collecting six issues of Tomb of Dracula) #72 of 350 signed editions - very rare - signed by Gene Colan - current bid $35 (HM)

Item #038 Cheech The School Bus Driver - hardcover children's book by Cheech Marin - signed by Cheech - - min. bid $10

Item #039 TOMB OF DRACULA omnibus hardcover - collects TOD #32-70 , G.S. Dracula #5 and Doctor Strange #14 - contains a beautiful inked head sketch (original art) of Dracula on the inside front cover by Gene Colan and signed by Gene - (note that this book without a sketch retailed for $99.99) - - min. bid $150

Item #040 The Yankees Remember Joe DiMaggio - beautiful 14-page 8x11 saddle-stiched book published by The Yankees and given out only on Joe DiMaggio day (4/25/99) - in mint condition - a rare collectible - min. bid $15

Item #041 The Uncanny Dave Cockrum - numbered hardcover tribute book includes limited-edition bookplates signed by Neil Gaiman, Walt Simonson, Louise Simonson, Clifford Meth and Jim Lee - min. bid $55

Item #042 Strange Kaddish (Aardwolf Publishing) paperback featuring stories by Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Clifford Meth, Bill Messner-Loebs and others; art by Gray Morrow, Dave Cockrum and others; limited edition signed by Harlan Ellison, Dave Cockrum, Gray Morrow, Clifford Meth, Paty Cockrum, S.D. Liddell - #97 - current bid $35 (rapp)

Item #011  Bill Walton signed photo; minimum bid $10

Item #015 Benny Agbayani signed photo; min. bid $10

Item #017 10x13 Daredevil sketch by Gene Colan; min. bid $150

Item #018 Ken Griffey Jr. signed photo; min. bid $20

Item #019  11 Marvel sticker collection (Topps 1975) in NM; min. bid $10 for set

Item #020  Shaquille O'Neal signed photo; min. bid $35

Item #021  Stan Lee signed photo; min. bid $20

Item #029  Gene Colan's personalized (gifted) copy of KICKBACK by "V for Vendetta" co-creator David Lloyd - signed "To Gene, my Great Inspiration - David Lloyd"; min. bid $20
Add Item#032  BLACK PROFILES IN COURAGE (hardcover in wraps) signed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; min. bid $40

Item #022  Willie Mays signed photo; min. bid $35
Item #028  STRANGE WONDERS by Fritz Leiber; Advance Uncorrected Proof (rare); mint condition

Item #031  Signed/numbered edition of M is For Magic (Subterranean Press) - signed by Neil Gaiman & Gahan Wilson; brand new hardcover in wraps; publisher's copy; current bid $80 dougmc

Item #033  UNREALIZED DREAMS (oversized hardcover in wraps; first edition) signed by author Richard Matheson and Dennis Etchison #298/500; current bid $35 dougmc

Item #034  Antediluvian Tales (Subterranean Press) hardcover in wraps - signed by Poppy Z. Brite  (signed limited edition of 400 copies); publisher's copy; min. bid $20
Daredevil and Capt. America original art by Gene Colan, signed - minimum bid: $1500
Bob Marley original art by Gene Colan - p. 30 - signed - min. bid $200
Bob Marley original art by Gene Colan - p. 15 - signed - min. bid $200

Item #035 - Plots and Misadventures (Subterranean Press) hardcover in wraps; signed by Stephen Gallagher (signed edition limited of 750 copies); publisher's copy; min. bid $20
Item #036 His Majesty's Dragon (Subterranean Press) hardcover in wraps (signed limited edition of 500 copies); publisher's copy; min. bid $75

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gene Colan and Dave Cockrum Estate Sales

Bids updated 1-1-12

I continue to represent Gene Colan's son and Dave Cockrum's widow and thought it might be fun to combine some items from each for a mini-auction. Please email bids to and watch this blog for updates on high bids and new items. Bidding may end at any time--usually when we feel a fair price has been reached. Note that Paty Cockrum (Dave's widow) funds the annual Dave & Paty Cockrum Scholarship at the Joe Kubert School with proceeds from these sales. Good luck and thanks for looking!

Large (very large!) full-color Iron Man #1 cover recreation by Gene Colan. This was done in 2001. I am unaware of the existence of any others. Current bid is $3800.

Tomb of Dracula Vol. 2 (Marvel Omnibus) - hardcover - contains signed original bust drawing by Gene Colan of Dracula in silver ink on inside front page - (book's retail price is $99.99) - Note that this was Gene Colan's personal copy. Minimum bid is $200.

Daredevil #27 - Gene Colan's personal file copy - signed by Gene. Comes with signed note authenticating this comic as Gene's only file copy of this issue. Current bid is $45 (Peter R)

Blackhawk #26 (1949) - CGC 4.5 - CGC notes that this book is "From the Estate of Dave Cockrum" - Reed Crandall cover and art, Bill Ward art. Current bid is $45 (Peter R)

Tomb of Dracula #6 and #7 - both signed in silver by Gene Colan - signatures authenticated by Aardwolf Signatures - Minimum bid for the pair is $45

Daredevil #91, #94 and #98 - all signed by Gene Colan - signatures authenticated by Aardwolf Signatures - Current bid for the three comics is $55 (Peter R)

The Invincible Gene Colan - hardcover (Marvel) - signed/numbered by Gene. Current bid is $30 (Johnnysama)

Die Gruft Von Dracula (German hardcover collection by Panini of Marvel's Tomb of Dracula) Vol. 9 - very rare! - signed by Gene Colan on inside cover. Minimum bid is $45.

Marvel Masterworks - Hardcover collection of Captain Marvel (Vol. 1) - Has small, original pen drawing of Capt. Marvel bust on title page. Minimum bid is $90.

Marvel Masterworks - Hardcover collection of Captain America (Vol. 4) - Has half-page, original silver pen drawing of Capt. America bust with shield on inside cover page. Minimum bid is $100.

Marvel Masterworks - Hardcover collection of Daredevil 12-21 - Signed by Gene Colan - Minimum bid is $50.

Essential Iron Man (Vol. 2) Paperback collection of Daredevil 12-21 - Signed in red marker by Gene Colan - Minimum bid is $35

Airboy Comics v7 #7 (1950) - CGC 4.5 - CGC notes that this book is "From the Estate of Dave Cockrum". Minimum bid is $35

Captain Marvel Adventures (1948) - CGC 4.0 (restoration) - C.C. Beck cover - CGC also notes that this book is "From the Estate of Dave Cockrum". Minimum bid is $35

Captain Marvel Jr. (1952) - CGC 2.5 - CGC notes that this book is "From the Estate of Dave Cockrum". Minimum bid is $35

Captain Midnight #39 (1946) - CGC 6.0 - CGC notes that this book is "From the Estate of Dave Cockrum". Minimum bid is $50

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Gene Colan Estate Sale

It's been six months since Gene left us. Sadly, his son cannot afford to hang on to the art he inherited. As such, he's asked me to represent the giant Iron Man #1 cover recreation you see pictured. Gene did this piece a decade ago and it's genuinely a one-of-a-kind. I am taking bids at my Facebook page. If interested, please post your bid for all to see. If your bid is accepted, your transaction will be with Gene's son.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Don McGregor: Art for Medicine

Sorry to be so blunt but facts are facts. Don McGregor's elderly mother and other family medical needs have forced this fine man and fierce writer to put his personal collection of art (from stories he wrote) on the selling block.

I won't allow art dealers to steal these from him. And I am not expert enough, despite the posturing, to know what these pieces are really worth. So here's the deal: Some friends of mine and I are bidding on Don's art while spreading the word far and wide. We are hoping you'll beat our bids because we want Don to get top dollar. And we hope that you will help spread the word. The bidding can end at any time (just as soon as Don says, "I'll take it!") But let's not let this drag out too long, chums. Let's pretend we actually learned something from those superheroes we grew up reading when Don was still writing them.

What else can you do? If you're an artist, a small drawing would be nice. Black Panther, Killraven...something that Don worked on for sentimental reasons. I'll be the first bidder and I'll bid generously... and I expect others to do the same. Let's make the world go round.

Note: If you know Don, contact him directly. If you don't, you can meet him on FaceBook. I'm not the gatekeeper--just a facilitator.

Current bid on the piece you see on this page: $2500. There's many more below.

Don McGregor Art List

This isn't ths most professional art auction you'll ever attend, but it's one of the sincerest. Don has not sent me images of everything he has for sale (only the ones you see), but he's sent a list (below). So at this stage, if one these strikes your fancy, contact Don at his FaceBook and your bid will be posted here so others can bid against you. When he's ready to sell something, highest bidder will get it. Okay? Don writes that he has the following pages:

The "Sabre and Melissa Siren making love" page from the original Sabre graphic novel, which Don notes was the first American comic sold directly through the comic book stores.

Four (4) double-size pages (a complete chapter) from DETECTIVES INC by Marshall Rogers.

Two (2) double-size Zorro Vs. Dracula pages (Tom Yeates).

The art from Tom Sutton's version of ALEXANDER RISK, including blue pencils lay-outs with Don's copy placement from unpublished chapters.

Finished art for an entire DRAGONSHADE series, with finished Tom Sutton art.

Twelve (12) Lady Rawhide pages (7 by Mayhew, 5 by Maroto).

Eight (8) Rich Buckler pencil pages from Meredith Bryan ("the last couple are very rough layout only," writes Don.)

Eleven (11) pages (looks to be complete story) by Rich Buckler from Vampire Tales "The Praying Mantis Principle" ("The first Hodiah Twist story," writes Don. "A very popular story. Gene Colan drew the next Hodiah Twist story,and he always referred to it as the first time we ever worked together, totally forgetting he had drawn a KILLRAVEN: SOMETHING WORTH DYING FOR.

"I revamped the series of a guy who sees himself in a SHERLOCK HOLEMESIAN fashion with ALEXANDER RISK, and had him married, which changed everything. Tom Sutton drew the first chapters, and although it was completely written, and once scheduled by Marvel for its Creator Owned Line, came back to me when they folded the idea. Dwayne Turner was supposed to draw it. Another disappointment. I know that story has at least three scenes in it as good as anything I ever wrote, and dealt honestly with abortion in the 1040s."

Two (2) Luke Cage pages by Frank Robbins -- one almost complete stat.

Two (2) more Luke Cage pages -- not sure of the artist.

Two (2) pencil drawings of Killraven, one by P. Craig Russell (?) the other signed PBG(?) ("Probably Peter Gillis," writes Don)

Eight (8) Amazing Adventures pages (four almost complete stat).

Two (2) Panther's Quest pages by Gene Colan from Jungle Action #11

Fourteen (14) pages (15 if you count double pager as two) Jungle Action #11

From Jungle Action #8 - two page of maps (palace and Wakanda)

Five (5) misc. pages from Jungle Action ("These are probably from PANTHER'S RAGE," writes Don. "THE LAST CHAPTER, pages I designed, including the double pager with The Panther and Killmonger, and the FINAL PAGE, inside the Panther's head, with Kantu and Killmonger. I designed those pages, too") including one splash which has been cut up.

More Art from Don McGregor

Notes from Don McGregor

As Don sends me images of the art that he is selling there's also some notes worth sharing. It genuinely breaks my heart to see him have to part with his artwork.

Don writes: "RAGAMUFFINS is the series I held for Gene [Colan] for years. It is the first comic to print color and pencils. Dean [Mullaney] gave me all the finished color holds. I have everything connected to the series, with the exception of the lost, never printed THE PACK RAT INSTINCT. This was Dean's favorite book of everything he did with Eclipse. If I had to gun to head choose a favorite, it would probably be this or DETECTIVES INC. If nothing else, you get to see some great Gene pencils with coloring by Steve Oliff."

Gene Colan Art from Don McGregor: Ragamuffins

Please bid generously on the following art:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rare and Special Art from Don McGregor

I will be representing Don McGregor's personal collection of artwork--original pages from stories that he wrote for Marvel. The artwork will initially be posted here because Gene loved Don even more than I do and he'd be as quick to want to help Don as anyone. Quicker, in fact.

I am not taking a commission from Don. All monies will go directly from you to him and he will ship directly to you; I am just sitting in the middle because Don is a wonderful and kind man who has never been about money (imagine that) and I don't want him to get a dime less than he deserves or might otherwise get.

When a man like Don McGregor sells cherished art that was gifted to him by the artists that drew his beautiful stories, you know it's painful for him. Don loves this art and it should go to people who love it, too. It's being sold because he needs the funds. Ain't that America.

Contact me if you're genuinely interested in buying art from Don at fair market value. And spread the word to other art collectors. This is a rare opportunity, and you will have my gratitude and Don's. And you will have Gene Colan's gratitude where he rests in the World of Truth.

Friday, June 24, 2011

In Lieu of Flowers, Please...

Following earlier discussions with Gene, and this morning with his daughter Nanci, I am setting up the Gene Colan Scholarship at the Joe Kubert School.

In lieu of flowers and such, if you would like to contribute to this scholarship in Gene’s memory, please make your check payable to “Joe Kubert School” and mail it to my attention:

Gene Colan Scholarship c/o Clifford Meth
179-9 Rt. 46 West
Rockaway, NJ 07866.

All checks will be delivered to Mike Chen, the school’s coordinator.

Gene Colan has passed away

I am terribly sorry. The details are here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gene Colan's Garage Sale - Round Three - New Stuff & More Coming

This auction is over! If you don't hear from me by tomorow, please email me for your total. - CM 9:00 pm 6/22

- Gene is no longer drawing. Unfinished work will be offered to those who paid in advance at a discount--you can also opt for a full refund.
- Gene can no longer sign items. He is too weak and tired at this time.
- More art and signed comics will be added as days go by. This sale is meant to continue generating what might become much-needed funds as Gene remains in a hospice.
- Prices below do not include shipping. Minimum shipping to U.S. is $15. We won't ship international packages unless the total package value is $150 or more. Feel free to combine items.

TO BID ON THE BELOW ITEMS: Email - put “Colan Auction Bid” in the subject. In the body of your email, indicate the item # that you are bidding on and its description. This blog will be updated occassionally with highest current bids. Good luck and thanks for helping!

1. Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era (hardcover) collects Battlefield #1-11 – signed by Gene Colan - winner: athos
2. Marvel Masterworks: Avengers (hardcover) collects Avengers #59-68 – signed by Gene Colan – winner: rdcass
3. Marvel Masterworks: Dr. Strange (hardcover) – signed by Gene Colan – winner: wrray
4. Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil (hardcover) collects Daredevil #12-21 – signed by Gene Colan - winner: rdcass
5. Marvel Masterworks: Capt. America (hardcover) collects Capt. America #125-136 – signed by Gene Colan - winner: rdcass
6. Marvel Masterworks: The Invincible Iron Man (hardcover) collects Tales of Suspense #66-83 – signed by Gene Colan – winner: athos
8. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Tales (deluxe oversize hardcover) - signed by Gene Colan - winner: ezarg
9. NIGHTWINGS by Robert Silverberg, illustrated by Gene Colan (DC, TPB) ) - signed by Gene Colan - winner: shaneeray
11. Tomb of Dracula (Marvel TPB) Book One and Book Three together as a set - both signed by Gene - winner: rdcass
12. The Maxx - (Image, TPB) signed by Sam Keith & Bill Messner Loebs - winner: bridge
13. Green Lantern - Silver Surfer- Unholy Alliances (Marvel & DC, TPB) signed by Ron Marz and Terry Austin - winner: (kjo)
14. Curse of Dracula (Dark Horse, TPB) - signed by Gene - winner: (kjo)
15. La Malediction de Dracula (foreign, TPB) - signed by Gene - winner: ezarg
16. Abadazad by J.D. Matteis & Mike Ploog (Disney hardcover edition) signed by J.D. Matteis - winner: ezarg
20. The Uncanny Dave Cockrum (hardcover) Rare, limited, lettered edition (only 26 exist). This is letter "S" amd it contains an original sketch from the late artist Dave Cockrum on the inside cover (pictured). - winner: $200 Randy
Item A. Classic X-Men #1 - signed by Dave Cockrum (certified by Aardwolf Signatures) - winner: hypno
Item B. Nightcrawler #1 - signed by Dave Cockrum (certified by Aardwolf Signatures) - winner: fortyc
Item C. Ms. Marvel #1 - signed by Dave Cockrum (certified by Aardwolf Signatures) - winner: ezarg
winner: hypno
Item E. Iron Man #85 signed by Stan Lee & Gene Colan (authenticated by Aardwolf Signatures) - winner: irony
Item F. Tales of Suspense #39 (Marvel Milestone Edition) signed and remarqued on the cover with a small head sketch of Iron Man by Gene Colan; also signed on the inside by Don Heck - (authenticated by Aardwolf Signatures) - winner: irony
Item G. sold
Item H. Two comics - Tales to Astonish #71 and Tales to Astonish #79 (GD/VG) - both signed by Gene Colan (authenticated by Aardwolf Signatures) - winner: nealst
Item I: Three Daredevil comics signed by Gene Colan - Daredevil #21(VG+), Daredevil #55 (VG)and Daredevil #89 (FR/GD) all authenticated by Aardwolf Signatures - winner: ezarg
Item J: Tales of Suspense #97 (1st appearance of Whiplash) signed by Stan Lee, Gene Colan and Joe Sinnott (authenticated by Aardwolf Signatures) - winner: irony
Item K. Iron Man #93 signed by Stan Lee & Gene Colan (authenticated by Aardwolf Signatures) - winner: jdcom

Still available:

Item L. Death: The High Cost of Living #1 signed by Neil Gaiman and Chris Bachalo (authenticated by Limited Treasury Editions)- minimum bid $50

CGC Signature Series - Gene Colan's File Copies
Item A1. Daredevil #35 in 5.0 - authenticated by CGC as "From the Collection of Gene Colan" and signed by Gene Colan - minimum bid $125
Item A2. Tales of Suspense #85 in 7.0 - authenticated by CGC as "From the Collection of Gene Colan" and signed by Gene Colan - minimum bid $125

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gene Colan update

I've gathered quite a few more items that will be posted for sale soon. I apologize for the delay.
In the mean time, a few words from Gene here.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Items Shipping Tomorrow

For those of you who don't know, I work full-time and have a family, so things never move as quickly as I'd like. But I'm spending the day getting packages ready to ship tomorrow. As soon as that's complete, I'll post more items ready for sale and auction. Next up will be pages from Capt. America, Dracula (Dark Horse), and Bob Marley; more comics signed by Stan Lee and Gene; and some sketches.

Still unsold are the cover recreations posted below. Are we pricing these too high?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Health Update

I teeter back and forth between discussing Gene’s condition, and to what extent, because it’s deeply personal and often morose. But many of you continue writing to ask and I can’t reply personally to everyone… and Gene said it’s okay to keep you—his fans and friends—up to date. Thus:

Gene was in terrible pain yesterday when I phoned and it was fortunate that I called when I did. He was experiencing debilitating stomach pains and my immediate call to his son (and his son’s immediate call to the facility where Gene stays) resulted, we suspect, in quicker attention. I phoned Gene back and remained on the phone with him until the doctor arrived, which was only ten minutes later—an eternity to Gene, though, who was in genuine agony.

Gene then underwent a para synthesis—a procedure to release the pressure of the fluid that had amassed inside of him as a result of his failing liver. His son, who is by his side, reports that Gene looks much better today, but the swelling has returned to his legs, a condition that his doctor says is likely to continue.

Gene has good days and bad days. He remains highly motivated and wants nothing more than to get back to drawing. “This too will pass,” he said yesterday while in the throes of agony, barely able to breathe let alone speak. This man never abandons hope.

Then this afternoon, “I’m doing a lot better!” Gene said. “Really and truly. They took out two liters of water from my stomach. And the morphine took root and thank God I’ve been fine ever since. I’m going home. I’m not sure when but as soon as I feel like I can manage it, I’m going home.”

Monday, May 9, 2011

Colan on Kirby and Buscema

Was the asking price too high? Or did you folks miss these? We have two extraordinary cover re-imaginings from the team of Gene Colan and Michael Netzer. We're lowering the starting opening bid to $1000 each. See the images by clicking here.

Colan Garage Sale: Round Two Winners... Round Three Details

Click here for winners of Round Two.

Round Three starts this Sunday (May 15). Round Three will include art from Capt. America #601, art from Dracula (Dark Horse), art from Bob Marley Graphic Novel (Marvel), sketches of Iron Man and Dracula, and more comics signed by Gene and Stan Lee.


I've just turned in my introduction to the forthcoming Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil Vol. 6, which will collect Daredevil 54-63. It was a chance to spend several hours looking critically at Gene's work on Daredevil, and these issues in particular. Thank you, Jeff Youngquist, Senior Editor at Marvel, for this opportunity.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gene Colan's Garage Sale: Round Two

Three hours left to bid on the items listed below...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gene Colan's FIRESTORM

These are the two pages up for bid (see below or click here).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Health Update

Gene sounded better this morning than he has in weeks. He's looking at a top hospice facility and comfortable with this new chapter in his life. No illusions--just positive energy. And he wants to draw! So we're looking at setting up his new room with a drawing board and everything he needs.

Sadly, my own father-in-law entered the hospital this morning with a serious issue, throwing everything into spin. I am unable to work on the auction right now. Please send bids but be patient waiting for updates.

Gene Colan Garage Sale: Round Two (more items)

Bidding on these items ended on May 8 at 10pm -
winners, please contact me

Complete 6-page story from Life With Archie – winner (

Plots and Misadventures by Stephen Gallagher (hardcover, limited edition from Subterranean Press) signed by Gallagher; only 750 copies issued - no bids :(

Pages 24, 25 and 26 Original Art from Gene Colan’s Little Shop of Horrorswinner $200 (cgrew)

Two original pages from Firestorm (DC Comics) by Gene Colan – winner (HMag) for the pair (to see images click here).

A pair of comics signed by Gene Colan: Captain Marvel #5 and Howard the Duck #3 (collects newspaper strips) B&W – winner (kapis)

The Marvel’s Project (Variant Edition) #1 signed by Gene Colan with small, original black & red marker drawing of Daredevil's head on the cover – winner (cgrew)

The Savage Return of Dracula #1 (Marvel) Gene Colan file copy – signed in red by Gene) – winner (kjo)

The Tomb of Dracula: Book One – signed by Gene – winner (nealst)

Tales to Astonish #79 – signed by Gene Colan – winner (kpedd)

Nathaniel Dusk #1 – Gene Colan’s file copy – signed in red by Gene – winner (kjo)

Iron Man #124 signed by Stan Lee and Gene Colan – winner (josephc)

"The Simpsons: Sub-Basement of Dracula" script (signed by Marv Wolfman) - current bid $5 (help! who bid this?)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gene Colan's Garage Sale: Round Two

I will be adding items over the next few days, but for now, feast your eyes on two cover recreations, one of THOR #126 (originally rendered by Jack Kirby), the other of SUB-MARINER #8 (by Gene's pal John Buscema) -- both reimagined here by the team of Gene Colan and Michael Netzer (12x18). Starting bid on each: $1200.00

More items will appear later tonight. Deadline for bidding is May 8 at 10 pm EST.

To bid, email

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